AS@W Antidepressant Skills Workbook: Heling You Deal With Depression
What causes depression?
Distorted ways of thinking

Unrealistic, negative thoughts about the situation.
You see the situation in an unrealistically pessimistic way, emphasizing its negative or threatening aspects and ignoring more positive or promising aspects.

Unfair, negative thoughts about yourself.
You think about yourself in a very critical fashion, judging yourself in a harsh and unfair manner.

Unrealistic, negative thoughts about the future.
You anticipate a future that is bleak and disappointing, exaggerating the likelihood of very negative outcomes.

Taken together, we call this the Negative Triad: thinking in an unfair and unrealistic, negative way about your current situation, yourself, and your future. These ways of thinking often start in childhood. Some people grew up in families where only negative and critical comments were made. In other families, children were discouraged from saying positive things about themselves and rewarded for being self-critical. Whether these negative thinking styles are caused by the depression or started in childhood, they have enormous influence on your experience of the world.

Not surprisingly, these ways of thinking about the world increase the negative impact of difficult life situations and predispose people to emotional pain. A person with depressive thinking can become discouraged or hopeless even when things are going well.

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