AS@W Antidepressant Skills Workbook: Heling You Deal With Depression
Solving Problems Effectively

Antidepressant Skills - Problem Solving

Depression is often the result of life problems that have become overwhelming. The strategies for solving them have been ineffective, or may even have made them worse.

Why is it that as people get depressed, their ability to solve problems declines? There are several reasons:

  • Solving problems takes energy. As depression worsens, the energy level declines.
  • Everyday problems take a backseat to a bigger problem – the depression itself. Because the person becomes so concerned about the mood problem, other problems slide and get worse.
  • Depression causes difficulties in concentration, memory, decision-making ability, and creativity. Most problem-solving requires all of these skills.

Given all of these factors, it is no great surprise that problems don’t get solved and instead pile up. What can be done? First, recognize that your problem-solving ability may not be as good as it usually is. Don’t beat yourself up over this. It is a normal symptom of depression, and it does get better. Then sit down and follow these next steps...