AS@W Antidepressant Skills Workbook: Heling You Deal With Depression
Solving Problems Effectively
Step 2Think of actions to help solve the problem

Write down three things you could do to help solve the problem. Consider things you can do that don’t depend on somebody else. Don’t try to decide which one is best: just come up with different actions you might carry out. Don’t worry if you tried something before and it didn’t work – situations change. And don’t worry whether the actions will solve the problem completely – your aim now is to be doing something useful, not to fix the whole problem.

It was done by Amy, employed as executive secretary to a senior manager.

The Problem:

My workload is overwhelming – files are piling up in my tray and, even though I work long hours, I keep getting further behind. I’ve told my boss that the workload has been growing quickly, but she doesn’t do anything about it. The whole situation seems out of control and I’m starting to feel pretty depressed.


Possible Actions:

  1. Just keep going, maybe my boss will notice how overloaded I am and she will get another employee to take over some of the work.
  2. March in to my boss’s office and let her know that I’ve had enough, ask her to stop making unreasonable requests.
  3. Write down all the jobs that are on my desk, then note which ones are urgent to do today, and which ones need to be done this week, this month or this century. That way, I’ll be focusing my energy on the highest priority tasks and I can plan ahead a little more effectively.



Write three possible things you might do about the problem you’ve identified.


The Problem:






Possible Actions:













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