AS@W Antidepressant Skills at Work: Dealing with Mood Problems in the Workplace


Dan Bilsker, PhD

Dr. Dan Bilsker, R Psych

Dr. Dan Bilsker is a psychologist who consults to a mental health services research group (CARMHA) at Simon Fraser University and works in an emergency psychiatric unit at Vancouver General Hospital. His academic appointments are Adjunct Professor, Faculty of Health Sciences, Simon Fraser University and Clinical Assistant Professor, Faculty of Medicine, University of British Columbia. Over the last 10 years, he has led a project to enhance mental health care in Canada by disseminating self-management workbooks for mental health problems  and training family physicians to provide brief behavioural interventions. In addition, he has worked to enhance knowledge and practice regarding occupational disability caused by mental disorders, working with the Consortium for Organizational Mental Healthcare (COMH).

Self-management workbooks he has developed with his collaborators are:

These self-management workbooks are available for free download at .

Dr. Bilsker can be reached at :