AS@W Antidepressant Skills at Work: Dealing with Mood Problems in the Workplace
Depression in the Workplace
What are the effects of depression on work life?

Depression is considered to be a mood disorder – it affects how we feel emotionally. In addition, depression affects a person’s thinking, relationships, physical health and task performance. A person’s functioning in these areas may have a large impact on work quality and satisfaction.

Depressed mood can affect work life in many ways:

  • Task Performance: Depressed mood can make it hard to manage work responsibilities, including sustaining effort over time and dealing with change.
  • Emotions: Sadness, irritability or emotional numbing make it harder to do your job and enjoy it.
  • Thinking: Difficulties with concentration, decision-making or memory make it harder to deal with job tasks and may negatively impact your accuracy at work.
  • Work Relationships: There can be avoidance of co-workers or frequent conflict, preventing successful teamwork and making the workplace less supportive.
  • Physical Health: Reduced energy level and disrupted sleep make it difficult to keep up with job demands. Physical symptoms may further undermine workplace performance and attendance.


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