AS@W Antidepressant Skills at Work: Dealing with Mood Problems in the Workplace
Antidepressant Skills

In this section you will learn three skills that can stop your mood from sliding down, lessen your depressed mood and help prevent depression. You may use them if you feel you are becoming depressed or, if you have been depressed, to help you recover and deal with life and work challenges. The skills are:

Solving Problems Effectively

Thinking Realistically

Reactivating Your Life

These antidepressant skills are designed to:

  • Help prevent depression by showing how to change work and personal patterns that increase the risk of becoming depressed.
  • Help manage and reduce depressed mood. This will involve changing patterns that worsen depressed mood, and also limiting the impact that low mood has on your work and personal life.

The way in which each of these skills helps fight depressed mood will be explained. You will be shown how to use each skill in a step-by-step way. Using the skills can help you handle workplace difficulties and feel better while you’re at work.

It’s best to think about these skills as if you were learning a new job or a new sport: practice is very important. Some people find it helpful to share this guide with a spouse, trusted friend, counselor or family member – this person can help you to keep practicing even when you feel low energy or unmotivated. Or, you may prefer to work through these skills on your own.

At first, these skills and exercises may seem awkward. This is true of any new activity or skill. Be patient with yourself and make these skills your own. As you practice, the skills will come to feel natural. 


You may download the worksheets or the entire book for use on your computer or for printing out.