AS@W Antidepressant Skills at Work: Dealing with Mood Problems in the Workplace
Solving Problems Effectively
Step 7 Move on

Use this experience to plan your next step. You have three options:

  1. Keep going. Example: Schedule another two hours of uninterrupted work on the project.
  2. Revise your goal and try again. Example: It was too difficult to walk 10 blocks; I’ll do 5 blocks instead.
  3. Take a new approach. Perhaps you learned something useful from your first effort that suggests another way of handling the problem. Example: Bringing up an issue with my boss by e-mail didn’t work, so I’ll arrange a face-to-face meeting instead.

Keep working on this problem in a step-by-step manner. Keep track of your efforts. Keep reminding yourself about the progress you make.

Based on your experience, what is the next step?








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