AS@W Antidepressant Skills at Work: Dealing with Mood Problems in the Workplace
Reactivating Your Life
Step 5Review your goals

After two weeks of working on your goals, review the situation.

Do you want to increase the goals slightly or keep doing them at the same level until it feels pretty comfortable? It’s your choice.

This is a good time to add another goal. Pick one from another area. For example, if you had Self Care and Enjoyable Activities goals before, choose one from Involvement with Family & Friends.

Write the new goal into your schedule along with the two continuing goals. Remember, check off the activity goal as you do it and praise yourself for completing it.

After two weeks of doing these goals, review the situation again. Are there any goals that were not getting done? What got in the way? Do you need to reduce or change the goal?

Continue to set your ongoing goals, and consider gradually adding additional goals. If you complete a task (for example, if you have now finished gathering information about recreational activities in your community), then move on to a new goal (for example, attend a drop-in session for a class that you are interested in).

Keep following these steps:

  • Set your three goals.
  • Write them in your schedule.
  • Check off each goal as you do it.
  • Praise yourself each time.
  • Review the goals every two weeks to decide if they need modification and whether you are ready to add a new goal.

Eventually you’ll be working on 3 to 4 (or more) goals at a time. Don’t get carried away, though – having too many goals can get overwhelming.

Goal Sheet

New Activity How Often? When Exactly?







































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